CC Media Network Ltd was founded in 1999. The company is now based in Gibraltar and since 2018 has been owned by the current management team.

Virtual and flexible work teams.

Our wider team has been virtual for six years, with people collaborating online from countries across the globe. We are highly adept at working remotely, using all the available technologies.

Enhanced work-life balance

The virtual approach provides for great flexibility, and in particular allows everyone an enhanced work-life balance. Also, it allows us to hire the best people across geographies.

CC Media Network Ltd was founded in 1999

CC Media Network Ltd is committed to ensuring that any business undertakings are conducted as ethically as possible.

Looking after customers

Looking after customers

  • We provide excellent customer service – we are highly responsive and very helpful
  • We make our product pricing completely transparent
  • We act on all feedback received from customers with the aim of making our platforms as user-friendly and highly-functioning as possible

Looking after partners and suppliers

  • We provide excellent partner and supplier communication and we are open, honest and clear in all our relationships
  • We pay everyone on or before the date agreed

Looking after our team

  • We are very clear with our team as to what is expected of them
  • We work collaboratively and collegiately to ensure all members of the team feel involved and have the chance to grow and develop
  • We provide whatever training is required to enable them to excel in their roles
  • We pay competitively

The environment

  • The team work at home, thus both negating all the environmental impact that having offices entails and improving work-life balance
  • We travel as little as possible
Looking after our team


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